Off Campus Assessments

Follow the link for an FAQ for Sitting Exams Overseas

Application deadline for July Resit Exams - Friday 29th June 2018.

Application deadline for Exams on other dates - four weeks before the exam date.

It is possible to take some assessments under controlled conditions away from UWE Campuses. However you must meet the criteria as outlined below in the UWE Academic Regulations and Procedures.

The cost of holding an examination overseas is £350 per module plus any local administration costs charged by the British Council.

Appendix E3: process for arranging to sit controlled assessment requiring prescribed conditions off campus (examinations)

Assessments under controlled conditions, including examinations, shall normally take place on a University campus or at a venue determined by the University for the whole cohort of students taking that assessment, including at the University's partner institutions. It is the student's responsibility to attend examinations and assessments under controlled conditions. No student shall have the right to take any assessment off campus and permission to do so is at the discretion of the University.

1. Introduction
First sit examinations should be held at the University of the West of England or an approved academic partner. 
Permission to take an examination off campus may be granted only in the following circumstances (and is subject to criteria set out in 2.1):

a. where the assessment is the resit and where it can be arranged at a British Council Office;

b. where the assessment is the resit for students particitaing in an academic exchange, and it can be arranged at one of the other institutions participating in the exchange, or

c. where a student is involved in national or international elite/high performance sporting/or other activities at that level, or a unique career enhancing opportunity approved by the University and where the assessment may be invigilated by responsible individuals approved by the University (e.g. staff from ther national governing body of sport).

Assessments under controlled conditions taken off campus have security implications and the associated administrative costs are considerable.

2. Acceptable circumstances 
Students who are away from the UK on the date of the resit examination may exceptionally be permitted to take the examination off campus if:

a. they are paying an international rate fee and are a final year student whose permanent home address is outside of the UK and who would only need to return to take a resit;

b. they are on a University approved placement outside of the UK which is linked to a credit bearing module and have been allowed to proceed to the placement with the requirement to complete the resits during the placement;

c. they are an exchange student participating in an academic exchange arrangement.

3. Non - acceptable circumstances 
Students will not be permitted to take an examination overseas in the following circumstances:

a. they are resident in the UK but are out of the country on holiday or for domestic reasons;

b. for individual convenience;

c. they are undertaking an internship which does not fall into the criteria in 2.b

For further information please see Academic Regulations and Procedures appendix E3.

If you meet the criteria as described above please contact Central Examinations by clicking here

The deadline for applications is Friday 29th June 2018 for July Resit exams or four weeks before the exam date at other times of the year.