How to complete a Multiple Choice Answer Sheet

A Multiple Choice Answer Sheet is used to record your answers in a multiple choice exam, which is then scanned by a machine for marking, therefore it is essential that you read and understand these instructions thoroughly before coming to the exam

  • Be sure to use a HB pencil.
  • Mark your answers with a firm horizontal line, faint markings will not be read by the scanner.  Please ensure that the letter is completely concealed.
  • Enter your name, module code, module title and the date in the boxes.
  • Enter the group code as 555 and mark the relevant boxes in the columns (unless stated in the rubric of the exam paper).
  • Enter your student number and mark the relevant boxes in the columns.
  • Each question should have only one response unless otherwise stated in the question.
  • To change an answer, fully erase the incorrect one and mark the new answer. 
  • Do not doodle on or pierce the Multiple Choice Answer Sheet.


Edpac example image