Emergency Evacuation Procedure

In the event of an emergency evacuation of the examination room (eg when a fire alarm sounds) candidates must obey the instructions of the invigilator which shall give priority to the safety of the candidates.

Candidates remain subject to examination procedures during the evacuation and therefore should not communicate with other students

Candidates will be led to the designated assembly area by Invigilators and must remain there until instructed by the appropriate authorities that it is safe to return to the building, or until a decision is taken by the Central Examinations Manager after appropriate consultation to abandon the examination.

If it is possible to resume the examination, invigilators shall instruct candidates to endorse their scripts with the words 'examination interrupted' and the reason for the interruption at the appropriate place. Where it is logistically possible, compensatory time shall be allowed to candidates equivalent to the period from the time the alarm sounded to the resumption.