Exam Information

Arrival time

You should arrive at least 20 minutes before the start time of your examination.

Late Arrival

You will be admitted to the examination room up to thirty minutes after the official start of the examination.

NO candidate will be admitted after 30 minutes have elapsed under any circumstances.

What should I bring to the Exam?

You must bring the following to your examination:

  • UWE ID Card - exceptionally photo card driving licence or passport will be accepted.
  • Pen, Pencil, Writing Equipment.
  • Any other specific items required for the exam e.g. University Approved Calculator, Ruler, Approved Material as specified by the Module Leader.
  • Still water or juice in a clear, plastic bottle with no writing or logos.
  • Small smounts of food which are not noisy or distracting.

What should I NOT bring to the Exam?

  • Food or drinks, other than those described above.
  • Electronic devices, books, manuscripts, personal computers, music players or other aids unless specifically allowed on the examination rubric or in the assessment regulations for the module.
  • Pencil Cases - except clear ones. Those with writing or logos on are not permitted.

Personal Items

  • Coats, bags and similar items must be deposited in areas indicated by the Invigilators.
  • You are reminded not to bring any valuables with you and to keep belongings to a minimum. UWE is not responsible for any items lost or stolen from examination venues.
  • Please dress comfortably as temperatures in exam rooms can fluctuate.

Mobile Phones

  • You MUST place your mobile phone in your bag or coat which will be deposited in the area indicated by the Invigilator.
  • If you do not have a bag or coat you MUST place your phone on your desk, face-down, underneath your UWE ID Card.

Exam Information Film

click here to watch UWE exam info film
Click here to watch the UWE exam information film