What to expect in your exam

You will be admitted to the examination room once all preparations have been completed and will be seated as directed by an Invigilator.

Inside the Exam Room

You are under exam conditions as soon as you enter the exam room and until the exam is finished.

  • You must leave your bag as directed by the Invigilator and NOT take it to your desk.
  • You are only permitted to take to your desk authorised items, see Essential Information
  • You must not communicate with other candidates in any way.
  • You are not permitted to leave the room unaccompanied once you are in it.
  • An announcement will be made at the start of the session to indicate when you may start your examination.

Clothing - since we can't control the weather and conditions in exam rooms vary, please dress comfortably to accommodate any possible fluctuations in temperature. It is advisable to wear layers which can be added or removed according to your surroundings on the day

Exam Answer Booklets

  • You must fully complete the Signature Slip on the first exam booklet you use within each examination.
  • Detach the slip from the booklet, place it next to your UWE ID card so that it may be checked and collected by an Invigilator.
  • Complete the details on the front cover of each Examination booklet in particular your student number.
  • Do not start writing other than to complete the Signature Slip until told to do so.
  • All rough work must be done in the examination answer books and all answer books handed in at the end of the exam.


In the event of a candidate causing a disturbance, (please note a disturbance can include the ringing of a mobile phone) in the opinion of the Senior Invigilator, he or she shall be warned and required to withdraw if the disturbance persists. He or she will not be readmitted. The time of his or her departure and its circumstances shall be recorded.


Cheating is taken very seriously by the University. Invigilators watch for suspicious behaviour and anyone caught cheating will be reported to the Faculty Assessment Offence Officers who will decide on appropriate punishment.


Toilet Breaks

Please visit the toilet before going into your exam room. You are not permitted to leave in the first 30 or last 30 minutes of ANY exam. You are not permitted to leave at any time during an exam of one hour.

If you need to visit the toilet during the exam (after 30 minutes and before the last 30 minutes only) you will be escorted by an invigilator.

You will be asked to empty your pockets and you may have to wait until an Invigilator is free.

Leaving the Exam Room

  • You are not permitted to leave the exam room in the last 30 minutes.
  • If you have completed your exam and wish to leave early (before the last 30 minutes) you must raise your hand and the invigilator will collect your script.
  • Take care not to disturb other candidates when leaving.
  • You will not be permitted to re-enter.
  • If you leave the exam room without the permission of an invigilator you will be deemed to have withdrawn from the examination, and will not be permitted to re-enter the examination room.

At the end of the Examination

  • You must remain seated and silent until all scripts have been collected and counted and the Senior Invigilator has confirmed you may leave.
  • All rough work must be handed in and examination papers may only be kept if indicated on the rubric.
  • Take care not to disturb others who are still undertaking exams in nearby rooms.